marumasuは東京の下町、柴又にある染工場から生まれたオリジナルブランドです。 創業した1901年頃は日常で着る着物や結婚式の晴れ着、現代は洋服の生地を染め、変化する時代と共にものづくりを続けてきました。

marumasu is an original brand established in 1901 in a local factory based in Shibamata,east Tokyo.Since 1901, we have been dyeing textiles from Japanese traditional daily wear, kimono, wedding garments to modern clothing. As generations evolve, we strive consciously to enhance our art of craft making.

心地良い時間や美しい空間を考えて作り出した豊かな色。 素材・製法・原料を吟味して試行錯誤を繰り返したデザイン。

あなたにぴったりな色とデザイン、愛着を持って長く使える上質なものを選んでほしい。 そんな想いで染色を通して生活を明るく照らすプロダクトを製作しています。 

Rich Colors reflect the comfort of time and the beauty of surroundings. Designs are created through incessant efforts of repeated trial and error in examining materials and manufacturing methods. These aspects express your lifestyle and individuality; therefore, choose and use the item with the highest quality and most stable longevity closest to your heart. Through textile dyeing, we cherish this philosophy diligently, and continue to develop products that brighten your life.



Fabrics made by hand and machines using diverse techniques


In our factory, we consistently perform three types of techniques: dyeing, textile printing, and inkjet printing.Through the harmony of machines and handiwork, we have developed into a factory that efficiently handles various materials and processes, such as color preparation, temperature adjustment, and texture analysis.



Dyeing Factory that delivers Japanese Handiwork


In addition to our own dyeing business, we create products with the collaboration of craftsmen from all over Japan.

We value the importance of providing sustainably reasonable quantities of hand-cut and sewn in-house products, as well as those that are outsourced to local traditional industries for tailoring and sewing.


Upcycling in handiwork


 During the manufacturing process, unused fabrics due to stains or scratches are cut into small pieces and recreated into new products.

Even the smallest scraps from diligently made fabrics are not wasted. Marumasu's philosophy as a creator stresses material value and full responsibility throughout the manufacturing process.


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